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Building your perfect organic skincare routine. Do organic ingredients really matter?

Organic. It’s a bit of a buzz word right now and many people are caught in two minds whether they really need to be using products that are ‘organic’ or not. Curiosity around the benefits weighed up against the extra cost of using organic products, may be what is preventing people from joining the trend. So is it worth going organic for your nutritional, health and beauty needs?


At Good Nature, we think the answer to that question is undoubtedly yes. In this article we discuss what constitutes an organic product and why they should really be a part of your daily life.


What constitutes an organic product?


In terms of food, to be labelled as organic then at least 95% of the ingredients must come from organically produced plants or animals. Meaning that not all “organic” foods are 100% organic. The same goes for skincare, but the percentage varies. If you are trying to follow a 100% organic lifestyle then you have to read labels very carefully, as some products may have the organic label without being 100% that.


The food industry has seen huge uptake in organic produce, with consumers becoming more health conscious and making choices based on long-term health over short-term satisfaction. The popularity of organic food stores is increasing around the world and most large supermarket chains now have an organic range that they stock. This highlights the changing attitude towards what we put in our bodies. If we are so conscious of what is going inside our bodies; why should we be any less conscious about what we put on our bodies?



Do Ingredients Matter?


Of course, we know that the ingredients that go in to our food matter and have already established that many of us are making a conscious effort to put organic food into our bodies. So what about the ingredients put into products that go on our bodies?


I’m sure you are aware, that these matter too.


“I always encourage consumers to ignore the front of packaging and any marketing jargon and instead to go straight to the complete ingredients listing. This is where the fun starts! Much of conventional skincare is filler and fluff and perfume and colourants.

When you enter the natural beauty world, it’s like discovering a new universe – in my ideal, ingredients decks read like a yummy food label and each plant and mineral has a sourcing story from soil to seed to bottle that is worth celebrating.” – May Lindstrom

What makes a skincare product non ‘organic’ and are they bad for you?

It’s a pretty simple answer to this question, it means that the product contains ingredients which are not grown organically. Now as you know we have taken a dive into the popularity of organic products but we have yet to delve further into why you really need to consider using natural, organic products as part of your daily routine.

It’s not that non-organic products are bad. However, research shows that organic products have higher nutrient levels and are free from chemical residue which can be catastrophic to your skin. The chemicals and pesticides used in the growing process of many skincare ingredients can have a nasty after effect and leave your skin with long-term damage. Therefore the logical assumption, as well as the researched conclusion, to maximise your health and wellbeing organic produce must form the base of your lifestyle. Which means choosing organic based foods to put in your body and all natural organic ingredients included in what you put on your body.

What does an organic skincare routine look like?

We recommend keeping things simple. Good nature products aren’t full of nasties and chemicals, they are all natural and powered by plants. We believe CBD is a key ingredient because of its interaction with our skin, acting as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It’s also been shown to help prevent free radicals, which are known to cause spots, acne and blackheads, from damaging our beautiful and delicate skin. CBD is an all natural plant extract from purpose grown hemp, for more on that have a peek at our CBD blog to get to know everything about this powerful ingredient.

It’s not only important to use simple and natural ingredients but to keep the amount of products you use in your daily care routine to a minimum. We call this skinamilism and it’s a trend that is quickly being adopted in cultures around the world. Using very high quality but few products daily for essential care without damaging your skin through irritation and overstimulation.

For the purpose of simplicity and optimum skincare here is a simple and easy routine you can use with products made with premium quality, all natural ingredients.


Wash your face with lukewarm water in the shower and then use a tiny amount of Good Nature’s CBD face cream and gently rub it in using one figure. Protecting your face for the day ahead by locking in moisture and rejecting nasty free radicals.


Cleanse your face and neck using a natural cleanser, such as an organic micellar water, or just lukewarm water. Depending on your skin type you may also benefit from a plant based exfoliator a few times per week. Use another small amount of Good Nature CBD face cream and finish off with a few drops of Good Nature Rejuvenating Night serum to support the moisturiser’s healing properties overnight.

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