Superfood Salad topped with Good Nature Calming CBD Oil

Some days your body is craving an extra dose of veggies, and a fresh superfood salad is great to fill that need. There’s so much goodness in this salad. Kale, carrot, avocado, cabbage, edamame and more, all tossed with a honey mustard vinaigrette dressing fortified by the calming properties of Good Nature CBD.

This salad is packed with high fibre vegetables (your tummy will like this!), healthy plant protein, fats and lots of vitamins, it helps you reach your veggie goals while filling you up. If you’re looking for an extra dose of protein you can always add an extra source of your favourite animal or vegetable protein. We love to add some cubes of crispy tofu.


Superfood Salad




We recommend buying all natural and organic ingredients, where possible.

They will be free from nasties, like chemicals or pesticides and retain higher nutrient levels for optimum health benefits.

Serves 3 as a main or 6 as a side.





Here is what you will need;


1 Tbsp of mustard

2 tbsp of cider vinegar

3 tbsp of olive oil

1 tbsp of maple syrup


20 drops of Good Nature CBD

Mixed Salad Leaves

1/4 head of a broccoli in small florets

1/4 of a red cabbage sliced

150g edamame beans

1 grated carrot

Handful of pumpkin seeds

1 avocado sliced

  1. Mix the ingredients for your dressing and set aside
  2. Massage the kale with olive oil until leaves feel soft
  3. Boil a kettle and boil your broccoli for 2-3 min in salted water, drain
  4. Mix kale, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, edamame beans and dressing in a bowl
  5. Finish adding pumpkin seeds and avocado slices at the top

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